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Hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. We offer fast, reliable plans for every need – from a basic blog to a high-powered site. We host your website on our own dedicated secure server and ensure that your website is provided industry-leading load time. Our server is specifically built and optimized for WordPress, this is perfect for those who want technical tasks like setup, updates and more handled for them.



We have developed key service factors that set us apart from our competition and help us provide the level of service you’ve been looking for. We get to know you and your business to help streamline an easy process for your website maintenance. Sending us your updates is as simple as an email or phone call. Generally, we can get any updates, changes or revisions done within 12 to 24 hours. Our team understands that your business usually requires all your attention, we provide you with not only a team of technical support but also an assigned account developer.


For the past several years, we’ve moved toward a more secure web by strongly advocating that sites adopt HTTPS encryption. And within the last year, we’ve also helped users understand that HTTP sites are not secure by gradually marking a larger subset of HTTP pages as “not secure”. Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

This is a change that affects many aspects of your online presence. We utilize the latest security technology recommended by google. Your site will be full SSL dual encrypted and provided a certificate of security.


24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

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