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Branding Your Business – The needs, goals, and behavior of your potential patients dictate how you convey your practice and service. Understanding those things helps you determine what kind of media your audience is consuming, what motivates them, and where they “are” online. You can see why having that information helps develop a compelling, effective brand — it helps you reach the right people.

Once you’ve identified your target audience, your brand can start to take shape. That involves creating a brand identity — the things that make patients aware of what your brand is — and its voice, which is the tone you use in any copy or public communication. Since you might have a clear picture of the different pieces of your audience, it’s important to figure out where they’re spending the most time, especially on social media. We’ve talked before how effective it is to reach people where they’re already present — that includes their online behavior, too.

And once you do establish your practices online presence, work hard to maintain it. How many times have you gone to a brand’s Facebook Page only to find that nothing has been posted in the past three months? Chances are, that didn’t have a positive impact on your perception. Affinity Services will keep a consistent level of engagement for your brand by posting unique relevant content to all the social media outlets your practice is using. 

Blogging is one of the most fundamental steps of inbound marketing. It helps you reach qualified patients, like your target audience, by creating the informative custom content that matches the information they’re searching for. That’s why it’s so important to make it relevant to your audience — when content is written we make sure the content is optimized for those searches.

Do you have defined “Core Values” for your practice? Make Patients Service Your Top Priority! Providing unparalleled customer service as a core value to your practice is essential to successful branding. Those values are what shape the brand’s culture, and that influences the voice you project to your audience.

Your logo is the face of your brand.

The logo is the center point that patients can associate you with your practice. Your logo conveys the “personality” of your practice and causes people to create preconceived notions about you. Affinity has put together one of the best design teams in the nation to focus on how to create better branding and brand recognition.

What does your logo say about your practice?

Does your logo tell your potential patients that your practice is progressive and on the leading edge of today’s technology or does it make you look outdated? Does it make you look inviting and friendly or cold and uninviting? Though most dental practice logos are not going to become an internationally recognized symbol, a sharp and well-designed logo does say a lot to potential and current patients about your practice. We’ll help you put your best branding forward. Below are the items included in our advanced Identity branding (branding service).


Logo Design & Redesign (Unlimited Iterations)

Business Card Design

Letter Design

Envelope Design


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