Social Media Marketing & Management

For many businesses, social media marketing can be overwhelming. This dynamic industry is ever-evolving and staying up with the trends is a full-time challenge. Our in-house social media team is here to work with your practice and brand to implement a proven strategy that helps to create engaging content, which promotes the practice’s brand. Utilizing compelling testimonials, blogs and before and after, we are able to drive targeted traffic, promote engagement, and generate qualified patients. We execute successful social media campaigns while also helping your team convert social media traffic into consistent patients.

Social Media Strategies For Your Practice

Set goals that address your biggest challenges

Research your audience

Establish your most important metrics

Dig into what your competitors are doing

Create and curate engaging social content

Make timeliness a top priority

Create Brand Awareness On Relevant Channels

Assess what’s working, what isn’t and how you can improve

Social Media Strategies For Your Practice

Start Using Chatbots

Create A Personalized Patient Experience

Create An Efficient Content Marketing Strategy

Create AN Audience Community

Get Creative With Your Profiles With A Diverse Content Strategy

Use Brand Advocates

Create Brand Awareness On Relevant Channels

Establish A Social Media Budget

Run Cross-Channel Campaigns

Tell Your Story By Going Live

Social Media Ads

Our social media department works closely with our other departments head up each ad and ensure that it is running parallel campaigns. We monitor each ad closely and make as many needed adjustments to provide the best results.


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