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One of the most effective ways for a practice to create and convert new potential patients is via patient video testimonials. If you put yourself in an average patients shoes, your concerns about choosing a new doctor would include comfort level with the doctor and his or her team, the doctor’s and practices reputation and skill and the actual practice facilities. What better way to address those points than a well put-together video?

However, since no two practices are alike, not all practice videos are created equal. A self-shot video on a smartphone with terrible-to-mediocre visual and audio quality can have a reverse effect and end up telling your potential patients something negative about you… something you want to avoid. Our media package includes:


  • One 2-3 minute welcome video
  • Up to three 30 second to 1 minute treatment videos
  • Up to three testimonial videos
  • Office tour (10 – 12 high resolution office photos)
  • Dr. and team photos (two high-resolution photos of each team member in one office)

What target market research tells you about Media

They Say A Picture Says 1,000 Words… If that’s the case then how much more powerful is it when you show a video?

Our main objective and purpose for using customized videography and photography for our clients are to be able to deliver a powerful message in the shortest and most compelling amount of time possible. Studies show that a video is up to 9 times more viewed on websites than any other part of the website. Further studies show that when traffic spends more than a minute on your website that the conversion rate for them becoming a patient skyrockets! Most doctors want “quality” new patients, not patients focused solely on the cheapest price out there. In order to acquire the right traffic and convert them into quality patients, it is critical that we utilize videography to educate the patient and give them a glimpse into what it’s like to interact with you, your practice and your staff!

If you would like to learn more about video and media, you can contact us today and our media team will show you how we can create video and media to attract quality patients and even big cases to the practice! This means we will set up a complete plan with your office whereby we can physically come out to your location and do all of the planning, shooting, editing, and delivery of all assets is completed in-house by our marketing experts. 


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